Backed By Experience, Senior Protection Earns Top Marks

Backed By Experience, Senior Protection Earns Top Marks

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Senior Protection is a division of Alarm Guard Security, a company which has been protecting Canadians for over 19 years. The company boasts a highly trained and motivated staff, some of whom have worked in the healthcare industry as personal support workers and healthcare aids. Senior Protection is highly visible online through their website, social media channels and now offers health & awareness content through its Facebook groups. 


With the simple press of an emergency button or a fall being detected, the Senior Protection base unit will automatically dial the company’s central monitoring station. A live trained operator will speak through the device and assist you or your loved one.

Whether you’re looking for a simple medical alert system or an on-the-go option, Senior Protection offers different packages to meet your needs. They have all of the standard features and add-ons, including fall detection, a base station with two-way audio, water-resistant help buttons, and systems built for at-home and on-the-go use.

Key Features 

Regardless of the system you choose, at the heart of the Senior Protection system is a discrete call button, worn as a necklace or bracelet. It connects you or a loved one to help in a case of a fall or an emergency. 

At-Home Protection. The company’s at-home safety alert system utilizes your existing phone line for communication through Senior Protection’s provided base station. A built-in speaker inside the base unit and an adjustable volume allows for loud and clear two-way communication between you and Senior Protection’s emergency response team. The at-home safety alert system offers both button press and fall detection services through a wireless pendant that can be worn anywhere in and around the home. The pendant can be worn as a bracelet or lanyard and can be pressed up to 1,000 feet away from the base station offering you immediate access to help.


On-The-Go Protection. Senior Protection On-The-Go offers protection for active seniors and the independent living to travel across Canada with peace of mind. When it comes to your protection, the company offers many options and levels. The mobile alert device has a built-in sim card that works anywhere in Canada that has  cell reception (similar to your phone). This offers added protection whether you are at home or on the go.  Live two way voice is initiated with the emergency button press or in the event of a fall being detected. 

What We Liked

Senior Protection offers a Canadian-based monitoring centre that provides 24/7 live operator assistance in any emergency situation.  The moment your system is activated, you’ll be connected to the company’s multilingual, professionally trained operators at the company’s 24/7 monitoring centre. 

The company’s at-home safety alert system provides a 1,000-foot range of protection. What’s even better? No need for charging—as the battery will last 3–5 years. The company also offers a fall pendant device that works with the system and can be ordered as an add on. 

Senior Protection On-The-Go offers a mobile medical alert device that comes complete out of the box and ready to wear as a necklace or with a lanyard. Its devices now come with 4G service—and are smaller than ever. The charging station is included.

What We Disliked 

There are some aspects of the Senior Protection  offering that we don’t like. For example, you’re unable to use the pendant when you need to charge it. This means that you won’t be protected during this time. That said, these are issues common with most medical alert providers in the country. 


Senior Protection plans for the various options start at $XX a month and go up to $XX a month for the most advanced system. Senior Protection’s cost of equipment is included in the monthly fee. They offer inexpensive systems for use at home or out on the town. Not only are the prices affordable compared to the competition, but the systems also come packed with top-of-the-line features and value, so you really get the most bang for your buck.

What’s more, there are no other activation fees and shipping is free. The contract is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime without incurring additional charges—you simply have to return the equipment when you are done with it. Senior Protection ships all medical alert systems and accessories free of charge, through a carrier of its choice, to customers located in Canada. 


Among the best medical alert systems in Canada are those offered by Senior Protection. In addition to two decades of reliable experience, the company also has a wide range of home security and automation products. As one of the largest and experienced security and automation companies in Canada, you can rest easy knowing that they have you covered.

Summary and Recommendations 

Senior Protection’s parent company, Alarm Guard, is a leading provider in home security, which is why they made our list. Senior Protection systems for both in-home and on-the-go use come with all of the essential features, such as waterproof help buttons and a two-way communicator that connects to their 24/7 monitoring center. Plus, their systems come with built-in fall detection, so you don’t have to purchase it as an add-on feature. The peace of mind and assurance that comes with this health technology leader makes it a mainstay in the industry and one of our top picks.

Medical alert systems can give seniors their independence back and allow them to live comfortably in their homes, safe in the knowledge that they have instant access to assistance in the case of an emergency. It is, however, important to choose the right product for your requirements.

So, does Senior Protection’s range of products fit the bill?  Senior Protection is a top contender, as they offer one of the largest in-home coverage ranges in the industry. It’s essential for older adults to be able to call for help during an emergency, no matter where they are in the house. And, at more than 1,000 feet, Senior Protection’s range from its base station to wearable help buttons is two or even three times the in-home coverage of many of its competitors. 

Senior Protection offers essential features for their at-home and on-the-go systems, including fall detection, GPS location tracking, and waterproof help buttons. Plus, setup for every system is as simple as it gets, requiring just one or two plug-ins. It is a great choice for those who desire an entry-level system at home or on the go. 

Peace of Mind Protection For You and Your Loved Ones
Peace of Mind Protection For You and Your Loved Ones

As one of the largest and experienced security companies in Canada, you can rest easy knowing that Senior Protection have you covered.

  • 24/7 Live Voice Monitoring
  • Fall Detection Technology
  • Canada-Wide Wireless Network
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract or any hidden fees?

There are no activation fees and shipping is free. All you pay is a monthly payment—plus applicable taxes. The contract is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime without incurring additional charges—you simply have to return the equipment when you are done with it. 

Do I need a phone line to use the system?

Senior Protection offers in-home options that can be used with or without a landline phone. Senior Protection  offers a cellular medical alert system in case you are without traditional land-line phone service or just would like better reliability. This cell option makes the medical alert system more accessible in a variety of situations. All offer two-way communication with response center operators. 

Who installs the system?

Senior Protection is shipped directly to your home for you to install yourself. You just have to follow the directions in the instructions—or you may call Senior Protection  for assistance. Their excellent customer care team will walk you through how to use your Senior Protection system and will answer any questions you may have.

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