Should You Upgrade Your Phone Now or Wait?

Should You Upgrade Your Phone Now or Wait?

Should You Upgrade Your Phone Now or Wait?
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These days, technology is advancing quickly, and it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest tech on the market. It seems like the minute you buy the newest and best phone out there, three new phones are released within hours that are way better. What’s the solution?

Phones are expensive, and unless money is no object, buying a new phone every few months probably isn’t feasible. But you don’t want to have a phone that’s obsolete, so when should you upgrade your phone?

In order to determine when you need to upgrade your phone, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. In this article, we will go over when would be a good time to upgrade your phone or if you’d be better off waiting before handing over your hard-earned money. 

Can You Still Get Software Updates?

The biggest consideration when determining if you should buy a new phone is whether or not your current phone still gets software updates. Patches, software updates, and firmware updates are much more important than most people realize. 

These updates don’t only provide new features and functions, but also update the security definitions programmed into the phone’s operating system. When your security definitions get outdated, you run the risk of being hacked and having your personal and private information compromised. 

Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of software, and it can take a while to find those vulnerabilities, but they inevitably do. Software companies are always trying to stay one step ahead of these criminals, which is why they are constantly releasing new security patches that update the software on your phone and remove these vulnerabilities so that hackers can’t access your personal data. Once your phone is no longer receiving software updates, you are at serious risk of being hacked and having your data stolen. 

If you’re still getting routine security updates, then you may not need a new phone. Once you are no longer receiving software updates, you absolutely need a new phone, because not having one means being at risk of malicious activity.


Are You Satisfied With Speed And Performance?

Another very important consideration is whether or not your current phone is still functioning well. The biggest factors determining how well your phone is functioning are speed and performance. Over time, phones slow down for a number of reasons and when they do, performance suffers, rendering devices inoperable. 

Some big tech companies named after fruits (we won’t name any names) deliberately slow down older phones so that consumers need to go out and purchasenew devices. Regardless of how they try to justify this, it’s clearly about bolstering profits. However, even when corporate greed isn’t involved, it’s still likely that the speed of your device will diminish over time, and there are a few reasons for why this happens. 

One of the biggest problems with older phones is that they tend to accumulate background apps over time. This means that system processes and app processes run in the background when not being intentionally used and this chews up a ton of system resources. This slows the phone down dramatically, hinders performance, and sometimes makes the device practically unusable.

Another factor that can affect speed and performance is system memory. After years of use, your phone will likely reach its capacity in terms of internal memory. This is not the sort of memory you can replace with a memory card, but rather the memory your phone uses to run system processes. When it reaches capacity,your phone literally doesn’t have the memory to run properly. 

If you’ve had your phone for a few years, and it seems to be slowing down significantly, or you’re noticing serious performance issues, now might be the right time topurchase a new device. If your phone is still performing the way it did when you first bought it, you can probably hold off on buying a new phone for the time being.  

Are You Satisfied With Your Photos?

Smartphone cameras are always improving, and in the past few years, they have evolved exponentially. These days, the best smartphone cameras rival the quality of high-end DSLR cameras from only a few years ago. If you want to capture photos and videos that are professional-looking and of the highest possible quality, then buying a new phone might be your best bet. 

That said, the cameras included in smartphones from a few years ago are still excellent and can usually capture HD photos and videos. You probably don’t need a 108 Megapixel camera in your phone, nor is it likely that you need your smartphone to capture 5.3K HDR videos. 

However, you might need those features for work, or you might just want the best quality photos and videos on your social media feed. So if you do need the best technology in your smartphone camera or you simply aren’t happy with your current camera, then, by all means, head on down to your local mall and pick up a new phone. 

How Hard Are You On Your Phone?

Now, your phone may still be running smoothly, that you’re still receiving software updates and security patches, and that the camera is fine for your needs, but your phone is beat up and no longer looks good. You may have cracked your screen or just scuffed up the phone beyond repair, which can happen over time. So, if you have been particularly hard on your phone, then there’s nothing wrong with wanting to replace it with a new phone that’s in perfect condition.  

In most cases, when people are replacing their phones due to these sorts of issues, it’s either because they didn’t have a screen protector, a good phone case, or both. So, if you do decide to purchase a new phone, then make sure that you also pick up a high-quality screen protector and a solid, durable phone case that will be able to withstand falls and hold up over time. Generally speaking, almost all new phones on the market have various phone cases available that have been designed specifically for them, so be sure to choose one you’ll love. 

How’s Your Battery?

Last but not least, your battery is of the utmost importance when deciding if now is the right time to purchase a new phone. After all, what good is a phone if it’s always dead? Over time the battery life of a phone will hold less of a charge and will eventually not be able to hold any charge at all. Should this be the case, you definitely need a new phone.

Now, you may be able to replace the battery in your current phone, but in most cases, it’s seldom worth it when you consider the cost of purchasing the new battery and getting it installed. It often won’t cost you much more to just purchase a new phone.  

If the battery in your current phone is still holding a charge, charging quickly, and allowing you to live your life without needing to be attached to a cable, then you probably don’t need to buy a new phone right now. However, if your phone is charging slowly, not holding a charge for very long or at all, and constantly needs to be plugged in to function correctly, then now is probably the perfect time to consider buying a new device.  

How Would A New Phone Impact Your Life?

There are many reasons to want a new phone, but fewer reasons for why you might need a new phone. That said, regardless if your device has any major problems, if you really want a new phone then you should buy one because you deserve to be happy.  

However, if you are really on the fence about the decision and honestly aren’t sure whether now is the right time to buy a new phone, then you need to ask yourself these questions: Are you still receiving software updates? Is your phone still running fast and performing well? Are you satisfied with your photos and videos? Is your screen cracked? How’s your battery?  

By asking yourself these questions, you should be able to determine if you really need a new phone or not. But the most important question to ask yourself is how would a new phone impact your life? If having a new device would make you happier and improve your life, you should definitely buy one because, at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. 


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